I am Jack Schroeder and I have been building business-to-business web pages for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway since 1996. My webmaster responsibilities at the railroad are for the Agricultural Products Marketing Unit, and covers over 10,000 web pages of content, including nearly 300 menus, 1,800 web pages of grain elevators, 2,400 web pages of price lists, and 2,200 downloadable files of pricing information. According to the major grain companies like ADM, Cargill, ConAgra, CHS and others, BNSF’s Ag Web site, known as "ACRES" is considered the ‘best’ among all railroads in North America.

Part Time
In the summer of 1999, I decided to use my experience with the railroad to start a small part time business of my own, making affordable web pages for small business in the Northeast Tarrant county area where I live.

Experience plus good equipment

I have a solid foundation in image processing and editing. In my home I have top quality professional scanning and photo editing equipment, the same in fact that we use at Burlington Northern Santa Fe. I have scanned thousands of pictures. I frequently do touch up work such as removing red eye, removing telephone poles, changing the color of buildings and skies, adding clouds, etc. I also have professional quality 35mm photographic equipment, a darkroom built into my home and have taken many classroom courses in photography and composition.

The past 15 years I have worked in a marketing department, with responsibility for delivering freight transportation prices to customers throughout the world in the grain trading and processing industry. This involves 3.4 million prices published in a 5,500-page price book, with an average of 500 pages changing each week. My years of working a marketing environment have lead me to have a strong focus on the information needs of customers.



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